Diabetic Wellness package (Male and Female)

Rs. 7500
Rs. 10450

About the Package

This package helps to diagnose diabetes and monitor the effect of treatment in diabetic patient.

Tests included: 12 Tests
Vitamin D
Fasting Blood Glucose
Lipid Profile
Kidney Function Test
Liver Function Test
Urine Examination
Post Prandial Blood Sugar (PPBS)
Thyroid Function Test
hsCRP for Heart
Urine Micro-albumin
Related Keywords
Diabetic Fasting blood glucose CBC Lipid Profile Kidney Function Test Liver Function Test HbA1c Post Prandial Blood Sugar(PPBS) Thyroid Function Test
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Prep Checklist

Activity Required for the test
Avoiding Alcohol Consumption
Fasting (24hrs)
Avoiding Smoking
Avoiding Strenuous Exercise or Sexual Activity
Avoiding Medicines and/or Supplements

More about Tests

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What is being Checked

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