Comprehensive Profile Male

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About the Package

This package includes range of tests that look at Kidney, Liver, Heart, Thyroid, Bone, Nerves and Diabetic status and screen for common cancers in Male.

*Note: "Test done at Jawalakhel Branch only" 

Tests included: 20 Tests
Uric acid
Vitamin D
Testosterone total
Vitamin B12
Fasting Blood Glucose
Lipid Profile
Kidney Function Test
Liver Function Test
Gamma GT
Urine Examination
Thyroid Function Test
Stool Examination with Occult Blood
Cancer Markers: CEA for Colon
AFP For Liver
hsCRP for Heart
PSA For Prostate
Ultrasound (USG) Abdomen
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Blood Test cancer Diabetes Cholesterol Thyroid Liver Kidney Hemoglobin Tumor Pancreas Colon Gout Heart Prostate
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