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Fasting Blood Glucose Test in Nepal - Time for a Harmonized Definition
Vivek Pant, Keyoor Gautam, Santosh Pradhan
Journal of Nepal Health Research Council

With rising incidence of diabetes mellitus in Nepalese population, it is crucial that a harmonized nation-wide
definition of protocols for fasting blood glucose testing be worked out and adopted urgently to minimize the
current discrepancies in the results reported by different clinical laboratories of Nepal.

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There are various views in defining protocols for fasting blood glucose test currently being used by healthcare
providers in Nepal. A number of modifiable factors can influence the result of an estimation of fasting blood glucose
in a clinical laboratory. Variations in the results of fasting blood glucose tests are usually controlled by minimizing
the discrepancies in the pretesting variables, one of which is the inconsistency in what represents fasting. In order to
minimize the complications of erroneous reporting of fasting blood sugar tests, it is crucial to define the protocols for
the test and adopt them in unison by all clinical laboratories of Nepal.